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Eleanor W. Traylor is professor of English and chair of the department of English at Howard University. Adjunct professor of English at The Catholic University of America, she is also Project Director of From Text to Stage to Text: Great Moments in African American Literature, a multimedia resource for the teaching of African American literature in secondary schools. Essayist and critic of African American literature, she has prepared historical and biographical scripts for the Program in Black American Culture of the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution, and she has developed and directed the Larry Neal Cultural Series in literature at the African American Historical and Cultural Museum in Philadelphia. She is the recipient of The Marcus Garvey Award for community service, the Hazel Joan Bryant Award of the Midwest Black Theatre Alliance for service in community theater, and the Catholic University Alumni Achievement Award in literary criticism. Her publications are numerous and multi-faceted, among them The Humanities and African American Literary Traditions. Her articles have appeared in every major collection of essays on African American literature since 1980.


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