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The Library of African Cinema
Films from Africa made by Africans offer restorative images and oftentimes a new film language. The unique films in this collection not only showcase the works of master filmmakers but also innovative new talents who are embracing video technology. To see Africa through African eyes will break stereotypes and enlighten viewers about life in Africa as well as about the issues facing the continent.

Articles to help you view and teach African cinema written by African filmmakers and scholars are also available.
All Library of African Cinema Titles
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DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 104 minutes, 4 titles, 26 minutes each on 1 cassette, South Africa / Mozambique / Namibia / Senegal / Tunisia, 1997, in Arabic, French, Nama, Portuguese and Wolof with English subtitles
An anthology of four dramatic shorts that explore the theme of love in Africa. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 52 minutes, Congo / France, 2003, in English, French, Jula and Yoruba with English subtitles
Afro@Digital looks at the impact of various digital technologies across a broad swath of present-day African life and asks how the technology is affecting African culture and how it can best serve the interests of Africa and the global South. MORE...
(And So Angels Die)
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 56 minutes, Senegal, 2001, in French and Wolof with English subtitles
An experimental narrative about a Senegalese poet confronting the crosscultural and psychological pressures of being at home neither in Europe nor in Africa. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 82 minutes, Sudan and United Kingdom, 2005, in Arabic and English with English subtitles
A Sudanese immigrant to the UK returns to her homeland to understand why the seemingly racially harmonious country of her memories has become the scene of one of the worst instances of ethnic cleansing in recent history. What she discovers is that race may be too crude a concept to understand the crisis of Darfur. MORE...
(God's Will)
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 62 minutes, France / Guinea, 1991, in French with English subtitles
Old home movies, newsreels and a prison diary are interwoven to link personal and public history in this assessment of human rights abuses in Guinea-Conakry. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 75 minutes, Niger/France, 2004, In French, Bariba, Hausa and Tamashek with English subtitles
Arlit: Deuxieme Paris is a case study in environmental racism set in a uranium mining town in the Sahara desert of Niger. Here European corporations extract nuclear power and profits leaving behind disease, contamination and unemployment. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 52 minutes, South Africa, 2004, In English and Zulu with English subtitles
Born into exile in Britain as the daughter of political emigres, Kethiwe Ngcobo and her family returned to South Africa in 1994. She struggles to find her place in the new South Africa. In her quest for identity, this hip young woman decides to embrace Zulu traditions by going through an initiation ritual - one rejected by her older sister as meaningless. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 77 minutes, 2006,  
Facilitator Guide Available
After oil, coffee is the most actively traded commodity in the world. But for every $2 cup of coffee, a farmer receives only a few pennies. The film traces the tangled trail from the two billion cups of coffee consumed each day back to the coffee farmers who produce the beans. In the process Black Gold provides an in-depth study of the commodity and offers a compelling introduction to the ‘fair trade’ movement galvanizing consumers around the globe. MORE...
(Rocking Poponguine)
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 90 minutes, Senegal, 1993, in French with English subtitles
A coming of age story set in a Senegalese fishing village about rival teenaged cliques living out their dreams against a backdrop of disillusioned adults. MORE...
DVD and Site/Local Streaming plus DVD, 58 minutes, South Africa, 2004, In English and Afrikaans with English subtitles
Poorly paid garment workers in the Coloured townships around Cape Town have for years made clothes so that other women could dress up. But each year, after working for weeks on glamorous dresses, one woman among them will be crowned in the Annual Spring Queen pageant. MORE...


Page:  1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7
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